KBK Links: Thursday-is-eclectic Edition

Tuesday’s KBK Links were all about the wonder that is Michael Pollan, so today we decided to be eclectic instead and bring you all SORTS of links, with the only common theme being…you’re going to think they’re awesome!

Remember, we at the KBK blog want to bring you what you need and want to know, so we’re always welcome to your suggestions for future KBK-Linkage. Just drop me an email at allison AT kettlebellkitchen DOT com. Thanks, get your learn on, then go outside and enjoy this spring weather!

You probably already have what you need
The case against “active rest” days
The Cuban diet: eat less, exercise more – and preventable deaths are halved
There is no such thing as a “calorie” (to your body)
Twenty tips that will make you better at Olympic weightlifting
Jackie and the platform
Exercise or Make Dinner? Study Finds Adults Trade One Healthy Act for Another

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