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Fresh. Wholesome. Paleo. Delivered.

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Fresh. Wholesome. Paleo. Delivered.


I am a huge fan! KBK helped me attain great results-- I lost a total of 8lbs but also leaned up!

Michele Henschel, CrossFit King of Island Park

Been swamped this week, so the convenience of pickup is awesome!  The food has tasted great-- Looking forward to next weeks meals!

John Cholish, UFC Fighter

Their prices are fair, their service is excellent, their portions are large, and most of all, the food is excellent!

Jason Gamba, CrossFit Garden City

Awesome food! I'm planning on making a huge order for regionals.... thank you so much for everything!!!!

Ray Traitz, AMRAP Fitness & Crossfit Regional athlete

Train hard. Recover with us.

Our goal at KETTLEBELL KITCHEN is to help you perform better and recover faster. Our convenient, healthy, and delicious food will do just that!

Our meals are made from 100% real foods. Unlike other food establishments, we use the highest quality oils and produce, with your fitness and health being our top priority! Every meal comes with caloric information and a full ingredient list so you know exactly what you're eating. Not only do the meals taste great but you can feel great about eating them-- and your body will thank you for giving it the healthy fuel it needs!

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  • Highest quality meats, fish & vegetables
  • No gluten, soy or dairy ever
  • Always fresh, never frozen
  • Multiple Zone-Paleo options
  • Keeps you fit and strong
  • 100% Delicious!

The Team

Andy Lopez
Andy “The Operator” Lopez

“Sales & Marketing Director / Owner”

Fun Fact: I grew up down the street from Greg Amundson, one of the original CrossFitters. Now I compete with his little brother to see which one of us can lift the most!

Joe Lopez
“Paleo Joe” Lopez

Owner / Head of Operations

Fun Fact: I cooked a surprise chicken & veggie birthday dinner for my mom when I was 8. Looking back I laugh 'cause I was cooking Paleo (except for the cake!)

Kim Alpert
Kimmy “Paleo Spice” Alpert

Director of Social Media

Fun Fact: Sweetbreads are one of my favorite foods. Luckily, the name is misleading - they're completely Paleo!

Keka Schermerhorn
Keka “The Gypsy” Schermerhorn

Guest Chef and Creativity Advisor

Fun Fact: I don't eat anything with beaks or feathers, but would be happy eating fried eggs three meals a day, seven days a week.

Tim Kinberg
Tim Kinberg

Head of Logistics / Gym Outreach

Fun Fact: Eating Paleo Pancakes got me my first muscle up!

George Caso
George “Caveman To Go” Caso

Culinary Advisor, Director of Catering and Special Projects

Fun Fact: I like to cook comfort foods. And anything with Bacon!

Cleo Kirkland
Cleo “Yeahhh Buddy” Kirkland

The Super Fan

Fun Fact: I use to eat Wendy's and drink alcohol 3 nights a week. Switched to KB Kitchen. Lost so much weight that I added an extra night of drinking ;) Gotta keep the balance....

Pam Buxbaum
Pam “Happy Hour” Buxbaum

Head of Social Events

Fun Fact: My box gave me the nickname happy hour because I'm always really happy, not for any other reason!

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