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Bison Beef Sliders with Homemade Fries

Bison Beef Sliders with Homemade Fries

Juicy Bison and Beef Sliders with a Mustard Aioli on Sautéed Cabbage and served with Homemade Sweet Potato Fries (If you consume sauce, add 25 calories 1g carb & 2g fat to medium, and 40 calories 2g carbs & 3g fat to large)



Grass-Fed Bison, Grass-Fed Beef, Sweet Potato, Cabbage, Spinach, Red Onion, Olive Oil, Coconut Milk, Egg Yolk, Distilled White Vinegar, Water, Mustard Seed, Sea Salt, Clove, Sesame Oil, Salt, Pepper

Nutritional Info

Calories M: 515 / L: 795
Protein M: 37g / L: 57g
Fat M: 23g / L: 37g
Carbs M: 39g / L: 58g

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